Dr. Trevor McCormick

Dr. Trevor McCormick grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where his father, a Livingston, Montana native, practiced equine veterinary medicine and surgery. His family spent their summers in Livingston visiting family and enjoying this beautiful state. In 1998, after his first year of college at Arizona State University, Trevor decided to make the move to Montana where he completed his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology of Animal Systems at Montana State University.

Dr. McCormick has always had a love for animals and the bonds we share with them. During his time at Montana State University, he volunteered for Great Plains Assistance Dog Foundation and their puppy raising program earning the nickname on campus as “the guy with the dog”. His fascination with biology and physiology made veterinary medicine the perfect career choice.

In 2006, Dr. McCormick graduated from Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, earring the Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Proficiency Award. Eager to return to Montana, Dr. McCormick began his career in Three Forks, Montana at a mixed animal practice. Later, Dr. McCormick decided to leave the practice and work as a relief veterinarian practicing in over 20 different clinics across the state. Finally, Dr. McCormick was able to return home to Livingston where he has been working since. In August of 2016, Dr. McCormick started his own practice in Livingston, Sleeping Giant Animal Clinic.

Believing in the need to stay current with ever-changing medical knowledge, Dr. McCormick has pursued and attended numerous continuing education conferences surpassing the state requirements for maintaining his license. Dedicated to the profession and the pursuit of knowledge, he accepted a nomination to the board of the Montana State Veterinary Medical Association in 2013 completing his term of service in 2020. Dr. McCormick also works with veterinary technicians and veterinary students from all over the country at his clinic where he incorporated an apartment for students to stay and gain the clinical experience they need to succeed in the field. In 2018 and 2019, he volunteered with World Vets to travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia, and perform sterilization surgeries and general health care on dogs and cats. Dr. McCormick also had the opportunity to instruct veterinary students from the Royal University of Phnom Penh on surgical techniques during the project.

Dr. McCormick’s professional interests are focused on enhancing the human-animal bond, reducing stress and anxiety in animals during veterinary visits, internal medicine, soft tissue, and orthopedic surgery, and most recently utilizing ultrasound as a diagnostic tool. Dr. McCormick’s wife, Courtney McCormick, helped establish their business and facilitate the construction of their permanent facility completed in October of 2017. Their two teenage children, Lyle and Jorja, share a strong interest in the veterinary field and routinely assist in patient care and emergencies. Their family also includes four dogs, three cats, a hedgehog, three horses, and chickens. In his free time, Dr. McCormick enjoys gardening and spending time with his family in the outdoors fishing, hiking, and camping.