COVID-19 Notice & Updates

During these uncertain and constantly changing times, Sleeping Giant Animal Hospital is following the recommendations of the CDC as well as the local and federal government. We want our clients to know that we are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and patients, as well as our staff.

Below you can find updates as we release them. If you end up having questions that are not answered by the updates below, please be sure to call us.

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What does Curbside Care Look Like at Sleeping Giant Animal Clinic

What to bring for your Curbside Visit:

  • Your Pet with a secure collar or harness and leash (or let us know if you need to use one of ours and we will bring it out).
  • Your questions or concerns to discuss for your doctor.
  • A list of your pet’s medications and foods.
  • Your cell phone.
  • Payment.

1. When you arrive you can call to check in with our receptionists or ring the door bell by the front door to alert us of your arrival.

2. Please wait in your vehicle for a veterinary technician greet you, they may come to your vehicle or call you on your cell phone.

3. The technician will take a brief history of your case, being sure to take note of any concerns or questions you have for your doctor.

4. When the technician comes to retrieve your pet please get your dog out of the vehicle and hand him or her over to the technician. We can retrieve cat carriers from the car for you.

5. Your animal will be brought into the clinic and the following will occur:

  • Your pet will be weighed.
  • The history relayed to your doctor.
  • Your doctor will examine your pet.
  • If allowed your pet will be given a treat.

6. Your doctor will then call you with their findings or any followup questions, and if indicated, discuss a diagnostic and/or treatment plan.

7. Once the exam, diagnostics, and treatment plan have been completed, the doctor will bring your animal back to your vehicle and discuss any further details from the visit with you in person in our parking lot.

8. Payment will then be made with a technician. We accept credit card, check, or cash.

Our goal has always been, to provide the best fear-free patient experience, client education, and medical care possible. Keeping our community safe, by doing our part in limiting potential spread, and ensuring that our staff is able to safely perform their job during this pandemic is our intention with these curbside policies. Please understand, should one of our staff members test positive for COVID, we would likely be required to quarantine all staff. The nature of our work requires we are all in close contact with each other on a daily basis and a positive test among our staff would most likely result in temporary closure of the clinic. Rest assured that we are working hard to provide the quality of care, commitment and communication that you have come to expect from all of us at Sleeping Giant Animal Clinic. Trevor or Courtney would be happy to address any concerns or questions you have about our curbside service.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

For further information regarding COVID-19 and your pet, we suggest the AVMA COVID-19 FAQs for Pet Owners: